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SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) is an online assessment for couples who want to be pro-active with their future. This assessment is the best researched and most updated assessment for today's couples. Once completing the assessment, couples will learn each other's mindsets toward marriage, how their personalities bring strength to the relationship and how they challenge the relationship. Couples walk away with a much better understanding of how each approaches communication, conflict, money, and intimacy. Any caution or red flags will be revealed, as well as how the couple's family, social and spiritual circles are blending. You VALUE your relationship so make sure you do everything you can to ANCHOR and PROTECT your future BEFORE it starts!! Each couple completing SYMBIS with Pitcher Ministries will receive $60 off their Texas Marriage License as well.

Pre-Marriage BootCamp

Pitcher Ministries provides a "BootCamp" approach if you will toward future marriages. We are exposing the REAL enemies to relationships today. As couples, we need to know we have each other's backs NO MATTER WHAT and there is NO Plan B! We must be INTENTIONAL in nurturing, protecting and anchoring our relationships. Despite the fact, it takes absolutely NO EDUCATION or TRAINING to become married, we provide valuable education and training for couples to help prepare them for their future marriage. We are helping couples become more INTENTIONAL when it comes to their future marriage. Every relationship will encounter trials at some point. Couples leave our Pre-Marriage BootCamp with powerful tools and skills to help navigate challenges most of us face in relationships. After one day at our Pre-Marriage BootCamp, couples walk away better equipped for their forever life together.  Each couple completing an 8-hour Pre-Marriage BootCamp will receive $60 off their Texas Marriage License.


At Pitcher Ministries, we take a pro-active approach to the dating process. We believe YOU are worth more than what many are receiving today. We help educate and train you to VALUE YOURSELF as God VALUES YOU! We must be emotionally healthy and whole to protect ourselves in the dating world today...

Book Doug & Sissy

This book is for those who want to be pro-active in their future relationship, the couple that is seriously dating, the engaged couple, newlyweds and those who have been married for many years. The theme of this book is God created marriage and gave us a manual, The Bible...

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Ladies Group Coaching - Vision Boards

What will you do in 2022? Ladies, grab a friend and let's create some VISION BOARDS for 2022! (Limited Seating - Only 6 per group)


Ladies Group Coaching - Vision Boards

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Welcome | Our Mission

Pitcher Ministries educates, inspires and supports men and women through building long lasting relationships in accordance to the Word of God, the Father and Jesus Christ. This education is designed to strengthen family units and decrease the demise of the family. Pitcher Ministries believes and puts its faith in the Biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

What People Are Saying...

Bible based without being a Bible thumper! Provided the information from a honest, real, transparent, and compassionate vantage. I highly recommend Pitcher Ministries for all! They are very warm and authentic people!

- Joanna

We LOVE Doug and Sissy - we took both Twogether in Texas and the SYMBIS assessment. The individual assessment has been very helpful in pointing out potential pitfalls btwn us and has allowed us to work through things now instead of them surfacing later on. Great couple and great information, you won't regret spending the time and money to invest in your marriage.

- Lauren

Pitcher Ministries is fantastic! My husband and I had a wonderful day at their Faith and Fitness event. We came away with new insights to our relationship. Can't wait for the next one!

- Susen



In Not Just Another Marriage Book: EXPLODE Your Relationship, Doug and Sissy take the word EXPLODE and break it down into seven biblical principles which can be applied to marriage. God designed marriage and gave it to us as a gift, not a "curse" as many view it today. In order for couples to receive ALL that God intended for our relationships, we must research His Word to achieve His purpose and plan. Regardless if a couple is dating seriously, engaged, newlyweds or been married for quite some time, the manual for marriage is still the same, The Bible. It is only when we open the manual and apply The Word that we can then receive the fullest benefit of marriage as God intended.

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