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Shortcuts - Part 1

We live in a FAST-PACED society! Most of us want everything RIGHT NOW! Many times we are looking for a "shortcut" so we can move on to the next thing. However, we must understand relationships will NEVER be able to mature and grow "correctly" if we try to shortcut the steps of development and process of them. Never forget...there is always a downside to "shortcut" a relationship! Do you really want to deprive yourself of ALL that God intended for you?


Husband:"The plastic frig shelf that stored milk on the side of the door has broke. 
Wife:"What happened?" 
Husband: "The milk was too heavy and broke the plastic shelf. However, we will get a new one on the 12th."

The wife thought for a minute and knew rather quickly what the problem had been. You see the milk weighed the same amount it has for the last 5 years. However, the husband had done much physical labor earlier in the day and was a bit "tired." The conversation continues...

Wife:"Did you just not bend over as far and possibly DROP the milk into the shelf?" 
Husband: "Maybe, but you know that shelf is just plastic."
Wife: "Yes, it has been plastic for 5 years holding the same milk."
Husband: "Okay, well I DROPPED the milk onto the shelf." (Reverting back to teenage days???? LOL!) 
Wife: "Yea, that's what I figure happened."

Moral of the story..

SHORTCUTS will not always lead you to the same result! Most times it will SHORT CHANGE you and you will need to have Amazon Prime sending a new shelf quickly so the Mrs. won't get upset.

In case you are wondering...YES, the husband is none other than "Mr. Pitcher" and the wife is "Mrs. Pitcher." Somehow the wife knew that God had a plan for this little mishap and therefore, she took a picture of the broken shelf without Mr. Pitcher knowing it 

Next week...the story continues!

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