Thursday at 5:00 PM
SINGLES...You won't want to miss this 6-part series titled "Love: INSANITY vs INSIGHT."

We are created in the image of God and God is a relational Father. Therefore, we are relational as well and have been created with the desire to have good healthy relationships. However, many times relationships can bring some of our greatest pains and disappointments. Join us as we journey together to learn:

"Who am I, really?"
"What do I really desire in relationships?"
"What can I do NOW to help achieve my desires in relationships?"
Saturday at 9:00 AM
Would you like $60 off your Texas Marriage License while you are becoming equipped for the journey ahead? Are you about to become "Mr. & Mrs.?" Marriage is a beautiful gift from God that takes teamwork. Have you identified the enemies that are trying to steal from your relationship? Join us for an 8-hour day of fun interaction and let's expose some of the mines waiting to have a surprise attack on your future! We want to help you disarm mines before they destroy what you treasure!
Sunday at 12:00 PM
Are you engaged? Come meet us face-to-face at the Texas Bridal and Wedding Expo. We would love to meet you and share with you about our pre-marriage prep options. Did you know couples are 31% less likely to divorce when they involve their relationship in pre-marriage prep. We look forward to meeting you. Come see us in Booth 212.

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