If we simply let our MARRIAGE (garden) tend itself without any "INTENTIONAL" effort of weeding, fertilizing, watering and cultivating, we will eventually not recognize what we once called "Happily Ever After.

Our marriages can quickly become a "BURDENSOME TASK" and that is not what we were expecting or what God intended.

At Pitcher Ministries, we help MARRIAGES keep tilling the soil, fertilizing, pulling weeds and planting GOOD SEEDS. 

Join us for one of our FAITH & FITNESS meetings where we provide the atmosphere for you and your spouse to INTENTIONALLY cultivate a "BUMPER CROP."

During this one day, you will be encouraged to grow SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY and have a BLAST with your spouse while doing so.

Do NOT ever STOP tilling the soil, pulling the weeds, planting GOOD SEEDS and watering your MARRIAGE!

There are no upcoming events at this time.