Elizabeth (Sissy) and Doug are so real, down to earth, and transparent. Every couple can benefit from this ministry ~ Elizabeth (Sissy) and Doug give valuable advice through Biblical teachings that you can apply no matter what your age or how long you’ve been married. 2B1 has been such a blessing to us!

Jill - Missouri City, TX

The meetings with the Pitchers were an awesome rigorous real life experience. When you think you've hear it all about dating, this course takes on a unique journey that forever impacts you. I believe that I will always need the course material as a compass for how I want to approach all relationships. Everyone should at least be exposed to the course.

Ben Joseph - Missouri City, TX

The classes led by the Pitchers was beneficial to me because it taught me what a Godly man is supposed to look like and it prepared me to become a Godlier woman for that man. It showed me how to deal with things about myself that I either did not want to deal with at all or just was not dealing with the correct way. This class taught me that God is God and His timing is perfect and He is always right on time. I also learned that it is okay to wait for the right one instead of trying to hurry up and get into a relationship. I learned how to slow down and wait on God. This was a BIG thing for me because I struggle with jumping in and out of relationships and just having a guy around because I do not want to be alone. Loneliness scares me, but slowing down allows you to truly pay attention and it allows you to get in touch with what your soul longs for – the things you actually want.

Ashleigh - Richmond, TX

The meetings held by the Pitchers helped me a lot with intentionally pursuing someone the right way. Also it has taught me to be a better man in the process. I really appreciated the Pitchers being so open and honest in the way we as young people should approach relationships as Christians.

Alex - Missouri City, TX

At the Pitchers' meetings, I was reminded to put Jesus first in my relationships. Now I will take note of "Red Flags" and pray about them.

Karen - Sugar Land, TX

Your wisdom and knowledge have helped me think about my future relationships in a healthy way. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pitcher for your guidance during my time of heartache. All in God's timing!

Timothy - Missouri City, TX

The meetings with the Pitchers helped give me a better understanding of what it means to date, and their life experience was a huge asset to the class. There really isn't anything like learning from a couple that's been through the trenches of love to show us how to navigate the "battlefield" of dating. It was a huge blessing and I learned a lot.

James - Sugar Land, TX

During the Pitchers meetings, I was reminded of the importance of open communication and true partnership with not just romantic relationships, but all relationships.

Jessica - Sugar Land, TX

The meetings with the Pitchers benefited me in letting me know there was a Christian approach to dating. The Pitchers stressed the importance of being intentional in your dating and Biblical in your dating.

Kevin - Sugar Land, TX