Pitcher's Pouring

Bi-monthly, Pitcher Ministries will be "pouring" an aspect of God's Word that is applicable to our everyday life. We hope that each of these articles will start "the wheels turning" for each that reads it. 

Our goal and purpose here is to share how God speaks to us in the every day life circumstances. Our hope is to help each reader to start looking at these every day scenarios and see how He speaks to YOU!  We are excited to get started with this blog and look forward to hearing feedback from each of you!

As we journey through life on this earth, we are going to encounter some "gory" times. However, when God's love interrupts our "gory" and brings in His love, we can STILL feel as though we are going through "gory." Read on to see how this is possible...
Just the mention of the word "GORY" makes me think of unpleasantness. You might say there is a vivid picture of nastiness, bloodiness and simply nothing good. However, it is interesting that when you add one letter to the word "GORY" it changes its WHOLE meaning. Check out what happens when we go from "Gory" to "GLORY!" Thank you God for the "L."
Last week we learned that "Tolerance Does Not Mean Unity." We gave an example that many can relate to with family gatherings. In this example, we are reminded of how in our immediate families, we have numerous opinions that we "tolerate" until we must be true to our beliefs. This is when we feel the pain of not walking in "unity." Today's blog will bring this scenario into a relationship between a man and a woman. Enjoy and explore what you are "tolerating."
A very frequently used word we hear today is "tolerance." Although respecting other's differing opinions and ways is important, we must not be deceived about what tolerance means and how it plays out in our daily lives. In this two-part series, you will be given an example of how tolerance unfolds in our day-to-day lives many times.
Most likely many of us have heard that old saying "Hindsight is 20/20." A clear definition of this saying is: In hindsight things are obvious that were not obvious from the outset; one is able to evaluate past choices more clearly than at the time of the choice. Have you ever made a decision to "have some fun" and then quickly or not so quickly realized it was not the best choice to make? We all have something we wish we could have a "do-over." As you read this blog, stop a second and think who or what is helping you make the best choices for you?
Marriage sometimes can feel like a 'death crawl" with added weight. Ever feel like your spouse is not "carrying their weight?" Could it possibly be they NEED you to "Not Quit on Them?" Are you willing to feel the "burn," "the hurt," ...Marriage is not ALWAYS going to feel good and we must "Not Quit on Me!" God has not QUIT and we MUST NOT QUIT! Invest 5 minutes for a new perspective of marriage!
Can you believe that we are STILL discussing shortcuts from that one little "drop" of the milk into the refrigerator shelf? Part 3 of the shortcut story brings the point home even more! You see our shortcut might be really quick and seem like no big deal; however, the process and developments of trying to "fix" the damage from the shortcut seems to take MUCH longer itself!
We learned in Shorcuts - Part 1 that there was a "price to pay" for not simply bending down and placing the milk in the shelf correctly. This week we will learn that trying to band-aid or duct tape our relationships will not be a permanent fix. We must take the TIME to develop and/or process issues as they arise. If we take the shortcut route, we are hindering our growth as a couple. It's your choice, what will it be?
We live in a FAST-PACED society! Most of us want everything RIGHT NOW! Many times we are looking for a "shortcut" so we can move on to the next thing. However, we must understand relationships will NEVER be able to mature and grow "correctly" if we try to shortcut the steps of development and process of them. Never forget...there is always a downside to "shortcut" a relationship! Do you really want to deprive yourself of ALL that God intended for you?
When it is raining outside, do you grab an umbrella? When you go to the beach, do you put sunscreen on? When the sun is brightly shining, do you grab your sunglasses? If you go to the gym do you wear gloves while lifting weights or boxing? Our guess is you answered YES to all of these questions. So what do all of these items have in common? For each question, there is a "protection" if you will for the answer. We don't want to get wet, so we grab an umbrella to PROTECT us! We don't want skin cancer, so we use sunscreen to PROTECT our skin and so forth. Now the BIGGEST question we have for you is...Who or what is PROTECTING your relationship?

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