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August 22, 2018

Doug and Sissy were very engaging which made the class enjoyable to the point that it did not feel like we were there for 8 hours. The material was informative and class discussion was very interactive. We feel it was a positive step to do prior to being married. By following the tools, they provided we can be more successful at tackling conflict as it arises, as well as planning for a better financial future. Another important part was self-reflecting so that you work on resolving past issues and not bring them into your marriage. On average, we take classes to learn about our careers and hobbies, seldom do we take time and invest in our own personal relationship skills. We confidently recommend anyone in a relationship, not just a marriage to attend their class. There is a religious context in the class, however even if you are not religious, the elements can be correlated to being a morally sound person and good ethical guidelines to live by.


June 29, 2018

We enjoyed the Twogether In Texas course! Doug & Sissy were great, we highly recommend them for premarital counseling. They are both very personable and thoughtful. I initially contacted them in search of an officiant for our wedding (which they do not specialize in) and weeks after our initial conversation they sent me a personalized email asking if we'd be interested in this course. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other from Sissy & Doug, including skills that will stay with us through the future.


June 25, 2018

We LOVE Doug and Sissy - we took both Twogether in Texas and the SYMBIS assessment. The individual assessment has been very helpful in pointing out potential pitfalls between us and has allowed us to work through things now instead of them surfacing later on. Great couple and great information, you won't regret spending the time and money to invest in your marriage.


June 24, 2018

Whether you belong to a church with a pre-marital counseling course but you do not want to take it or you don't attend a church, the Pitcher Ministries Twogether Premarital Course with Doug and Sissy is a wonderful investment in building a solid foundation for a healthy, lasting marriage. My fiancé and I completed the course with other wonderful couples desiring to be equipped with the tools to build and maintain a healthy, loving, lasting marriage. Doug and Sissy are very passionate about helping others to have just that. They exemplify Love and Compassion. We are grateful for this course and are looking forward to implementing the things we learned in our future marriage. I highly recommend this course to all engaged and soon to be engaged couples. It's a priceless investment. Doug and Sissy we can't thank you enough. Thank you again for your passion, compassion, and dedication to building healthy, loving, lasting marriages. #NoPlanB #LoveIsAChoice #IChooseToLoveHim #HeChoosesToLoveMe #TWOgether


June 17, 2018

I am so glad we took the time to do the symbis assessment and go over the results. It gave great insight into areas we should be more diligent with like communication and listening skills. It's the type of thing that everyone should do in order to be better prepared for a lifetime commitment. I do not feel this was a waste of time at all.


May 18, 2018

My fiancé and I completed the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) program before we got engaged. The SYMBIS material was extremely valuable and exceeded our expectations, and the Pitchers were amazing facilitators! We immediately felt comfortable with them. They were very personable, and they made the sessions fun while helping us learn and grow as a couple. Doug and Sissy went above and beyond by spending extra time than was allotted for all three of our sessions. They prayed for us and really invested in us. We are thankful that the Pitchers were part of our relationship journey, and I would recommend them to any couple seeking to strengthen their relationship and prepare for a future together.


April 25, 2018

Doug and Sissy were great! They gave us some great tools to use in our marriage. Even though we took a full day course, the time flew by. They were fun and kept it interesting! They gave us great examples from real couples. We took the Twogether in Texas course and were not disappointed! We will be going back to them to do the SYMBIS assessment!


March 26, 2018

Doug and Elizabeth have been such an important part of our young marriage. They have taught us what a true Godly marriage is and have allowed us to enjoy all of the greatness that comes with it! Together we are continuously growing in Christ and these two wonderful people have been nothing but blessings on this journey. I personally come from a family of broken marriages with no real guide to what a healthy marriage looks like. Doug and Elizabeth have helped us see marriage through a different lens enabled me to set an example for the next generation of my family. Together they have guided us through different challenges - from language barriers to individual insecurities - and we have become stronger and closer to God as a result. I truly believe God strategically put Doug and Elizabeth Pitcher in our lives and I am forever grateful.


March 8, 2018

Pitcher Ministries is fantastic! My husband and I had a wonderful day at their Faith and Fitness event. We came away with new insights to our relationship. Can't wait for the next one!


March 8, 2018

Amazing Ministry! Love, Love, Love this couple. My husband and I have attended several of their classes/events. It doesn't matter if you're engaged or married for many years, their godly insight is worth investing your time. So happy to have them pouring into our lives.



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