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As we journey through life on this earth, we are going to encounter some "gory" times. However, when God's love interrupts our "gory" and brings in His love, we can STILL feel as though we are going through "gory." Read on to see how this is possible...
Just the mention of the word "GORY" makes me think of unpleasantness. You might say there is a vivid picture of nastiness, bloodiness and simply nothing good. However, it is interesting that when you add one letter to the word "GORY" it changes its WHOLE meaning. Check out what happens when we go from "Gory" to "GLORY!" Thank you God for the "L."
Last week we learned that "Tolerance Does Not Mean Unity." We gave an example that many can relate to with family gatherings. In this example, we are reminded of how in our immediate families, we have numerous opinions that we "tolerate" until we must be true to our beliefs. This is when we feel the pain of not walking in "unity." Today's blog will bring this scenario into a relationship between a man and a woman. Enjoy and explore what you are "tolerating."

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